Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

When You’re Weary

Verse 1
In this life one thing’s clear
Eat with Stuckerts, drink a beer
There’s one thing that you must know
Jesus came for you to grow

You’ve got to see a Stuckert or two
You’ve got to see a Stuckert of two

Verse 2
When your weary, need a rest
Go to friends, get the best
Sit your self and drink some wine
Find someone with whom to dine

Verse 3
When your tired, had a bad day
Got to find another way
There is something you can do
Find a friend to see you through

Verse 4
Always remember to be good
Get some friends and eat some food
Maybe someone you can woo
It’s your wife, to her e true

16 April at 0650
(Sung to the tune of “You’ve God to Pick a Pocket or Two” in honor or some folks who did befriend when the feds were closing in)

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