Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Had to Do More

Tweren’t raccoons they were a killin’.
Naw, and ’tweren’t skunks they were a chokin’.
Those were babies they were butcherin’ away!
Had to do more then just a “say”!
‘Twas a bad thing they were a-doin’
Yeah, it was more than just a screwin’
They were pullin’ off arms and legs.
Yeah, throwing ’em out like dregs!
Had to do a duty and end that sinnin’
Might do it in your heart but don’t start
On those kids, pullin’ out a real heart
And brains and all the rest of that child
Acting like it’s just a “choice,” something mild,
Nothing real and red, once alive now dead
Yeah, they cut off the arms and the head
So the next time you pass an abortuary
Think of it as a cemetery or a mortuary
‘Tis a place of death and no less
Don’t rest. Do your best.
You got to blow up the rest.

1105 on 1 April, 2021

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