Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Snitchin’ Ziphites

From 1 Sam. 26 (to rap rhythm)

Verse 1
Those snitchin’ Ziphites came to Saul.
Wanted David to take a fall.
Perverts taking pleasure in the legs of a man,
Hating God’s word, doin’ all they can.

Said, “Is David not hiding at Hachilah?”
(Repeat, “Is David. . . )

Verse 2
Yeah those Ziphs were nasty snitches,
Loved those boys instead of bitches.
Sodomite or Ziphite, all the same
Leave God’s law, you’re gonna be lame.

Verse 3
Moral of the story is you gotta be true.
Follow His word, whatever you do.
Life will be over before you know it.
Do the right thing, lest you blow it !

Verse 4
Follow his word, live for the King.
Trade in your life; you get everything.
What else you gonna do when life is through?
Sit on your laurels?  Have a chew?

Verse 5
Take up your cross and don’t’ lay it down.
Run away from Him an’ you’re gonna go down.
Stand for the Truth and don’t live a lie.
Lay down your life; without Him you gonna die.

Repeat repeatedly:
Stand for the Truth
And don’t live a lie.
Lay down your life.
Without Him you gonna die.

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