Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Biden and the Communion Table

So reports Life News: “Majority of Catholic Republicans Say Biden Should Not Receive Communion Because He’s Pro-Abortion”

Well, “No shit!” I might say. 

What has taken “the majority” so long to figure that out?  How about some basic Bible reading?  Simple sound doctrine? 

Might some elementary church discipline be applied in the case of “Joe Biden” (a.k.a. POTUS)?  

Really!  This Hitleric heretic is the President of the United States?  To what depths has the nation fallen?  (One might suppose that the bottom was already reached with Roe v. Wade.)

One might well have thought that we had reached the deepest depths when Hillary’s Hot Pants was in power. 

Nah, Slick Willie was a moral calamity, but Joe is really no better.  He may have his pants on straight, but his mind is morally crooked.  Anyone, especially an apostate who knows better,  who supports child-slaughter (euphemistically known as “abortion rights”) is de facto unfit to vote, much less to run the country.

But that his heretic, holocaust perpetrator, and unrepentant sinner  is still dining at “The Lord’s Table”? 

Blasphemous!  No less.

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