Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Race Baiters

The race baiters sleep not a wink
Always ready to make you think
That you are opposed to “people of color”
And have no interest in others,
But only your own flesh and brothers.
And so they divide friends
And set them at odds and ends,
Squabbling and maneuvering for position
To be acceptable in cultural transition,
Wandering from democratic equality
To bigotry and racial priority.
Whitey has got to stand down,
Grovel and always be found
Making apologies for his skin
And the privilege that is within.
His sense of authority and rule
Has got to go and he must drool
In apologies and genuflections
Before he can win the affections
Of Lefties who dictate the way
And direct all to a better day!
But who are these tyrant dictators
Do they think themselves legislators?
What do they know of Right and Wrong
Most of them go to the bong
When searching for hope and direction
But for Truth they have no affection.

31 March, at 0852 a.m.

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