Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Selfish for Judgment Day

A rather selfish fellow am I.
Don’t like time spent in vain,
Even with another person
Who has no zeal for living
That life to which we were called,
Not the one we might like to make
But the one to which to Savior
Called us and bade us follow.
And so there is always much to do
As long as we have breath.
Right up to that moment of death
We are to drive and strive to shine
That holy light of life and truth
To all whether they live or die.
They know the difference between
What is Truth and what only seems
To be a kind of (non-Hindu!) apparition.
But this world will soon fade away
And make way for that Judgment Day.

1300 on 24 March, 2021

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