Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

LeRoy and Mary Lou

LeRoy Carhart butchers those babies
Way up in Baltimore every day.
Yeah, he’s a killer, a real dealer
In the deaths of those little ones.
Gets that money and maybe a honey
Or two on the side and to confide
His heinous deeds on the wide
Road to that hell where many go
Who murder others and decline to know
That path of Life which lies ahead
For any who death would dread.
Yeah, got it into his stupid head
That there is no Judgment to come,
So on he runs, playing the fool
Like the kid with no school,
No thought about Law and Order
And a Judge at that spooky border
Between life and that eternal death.
Yeah, he will die and then die again
And there will be no end to the dying
Of those who ignored the crying.
Those babies were not choices
And they had and have real voices,
Heard by the Father above
Who is about more than love.
And He will bring down the pain
On fools who lie and disdain
What is holy and just.
It ain’t about fun and lust.
What you gonna do, Mary Lou?
When Judgment comes, you’re through.

18 March, 2021

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