Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Decision Most Grave

(The Decision, Most Grave, Indeed, To Terminate An Abortionist)

A decision most grave!
O, God, help us to behave.
Got lots to do in this life:
Plenty of foolishness and strife.
But how about those babies
And all those wayward ladies?
O Lord, can it be
That we may be set free
From all this phony liberty
And do justice for a change?
How long we’ve been deranged
By this asinine notion of “choice”
Denying Truth even a voice
As we keep on fooling around
Doing nothing in response to the sound
Of that hymn that says, “Rise up
O men of God!” And pulling up
Those pants and girding those loins!
Don’t bother about bills and coins.
Got a job to do for the babies.
Stop the “Wait ’til later”s and “Maybe”s!

0845 on 14 March, 2021

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