Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

In Memory of Ron Brock

A thorn in the side of sodomites
The Word flowed faithfully
From his lips and the signs
Displayed by a man of God
Who loved to tell the story
Of the One who came from glory
Down to save the least of these,
Yes, those little ones in the womb.
He went to his own tomb,
But he will rise along with all the wise
Who have heard the Truth and believed
But who acted and did not leave
Those helpless ones to die alone
Without a voice of objection
And direction to the Savior and the Law
Telling us “Thou shalt NOT murder”
Including those most innocent
In the womb without beneficent
Care from a mother with the love
That only comes from above.

12:19 on 20 Nov., 2020

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