Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The 1620 Project

Back at cha BLM commies!  How about an Abortuary Bombing Mission?  Call it the ABM Project.  Justice! Justice for the unborn!  Save those babies by any means necessary. So the commandment reads: “Justice! Justice you shall pursue that you may live!” (Deuteronomy 16:20).  You BLM perverts want to live?  Then pursue justice for the innocent ones being slaughtered daily in American by selfish, foolish parents! 

Bring it on!  Justice for the unborn!  Babies in the womb are included in “INCLUSION”!

Let ABM arise
Get with it guys
And girls
Save up your pearls
And hurl
Those explosives
Give ’em a dose
Of their destruction
Of life by suction
Of girls from the womb
While boys hide
From their duty
To care for their children
Abandoning them to whim
Of a mother
Desperate to cover
Her sin or just to win
Back the freedom surrendered
By Lawless indulgence.
2020 is almost by
Bring on 1620 before we die
Under the judgment long over due.
Bring on ABM,
Bring missions to them.

21 Nov., 2020

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