Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Reading that Lexicon

Reading along in my lexicon
I came across a word
Most absurd it would seem.
“Ekthesis” it is. Oh, how coarse
And yet, back then, so normal
So regular, however morose.
“A putting out, exposing”
It reads – but of what?
A child indeed – “a child”!
Barbaric seems not
Sufficient a word to tell
Of such action fit for hell.
Oh what a world we came from,
Pulled out by revelation.
Indeed, and genuine salvation!
It was a world unwanted
By anyone who’s seen the light.
Oh He has won, indeed, the fight.
We rest in His triumph
Over darkness, death, and sin.
He’s sent us power and life
We’re victors in the strife

16 Oct., 2020

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