Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Like the pro-aborts going under
The name of “Planned Parenthood,”
Phony communism advocates
Fraud and deceit like a snake
Slithering into a room
Of frolicking fools and ghouls.
So the Godless pretend to be full
Of truth and justice for all.
But, no.  Got no balls
To seek and stand for the Right.
They opt for the Wrong, the Left
And continue bereft
Of that Truth that guides
And frees from that horrible slide
Into that Hell where no bell
Will toll and no song is sung.
Silence from God and pain forever.
Oh the idiocy that fools bring
To humanity as they sing
Of fake freedom from God’s Word
Wandering from stupidity to the absurd.

17 Oct., 2020

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