Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Got to Jump on Your Behind! 

(Erotica from the Good Book, the Song of Solomon revisited (or “rapped up”) on 16 Oct., 2020

Somethin’ about those tits
Solomon said it!
“Your form is lovely”! (2:4)
Yeah, “Your voice is sweet” (2:10)
“How beautiful you are”
“And your mouth is lovely”
“Your breasts are like two fawns” (4:9)
Wanna climb on
“You made my heart beat faster” (4:9)
So I wanna sip
That honey on your lips
Wanna get that fruit (4:16)
Your knockin on the door
Got to have you more and more
Your love is better than the wine
And I know you are mine
Gonna move real fine
“Drink deep, O lovers” (5:1)
Says it right in the Book
No kiddin’! Take a look
Says, “I’ve taken off my dress”! (5:3)
Oh what a mess
You’re tearin’ up my mind

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