Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington: Abortion-Free Zone

March, 2020

We hope to be spared the judgment due this nation. And we hope other towns will keep themselves abortion-free.  We abhor the shedding of innocent blood and plea for God’s mercy as He brings due retribution upon a people who have tolerated the wicked decrees of SCOTUS.  The tyrant rules only by the permission of a base people who permit the reign of evil.  Such a people are not worthy of protection from a good and merciful God.

While we maintain thankful hearts for His grace and mercy in withholding due judgment upon the United States, we know that such indulgence in His benevolence does not last beyond His own patient purposes.

Action must be taken at all levels.  When there is abstinence at the federal level, there must be persistence at the state level.  And failing the state efforts, we must arouse counties and towns to find their voices of protest and proclamation of justice.  Towns must take initiative and declare themselves “abortion free zones” in defiance of SCOTUS and the federal tyrant. “We defy them” must be their motto.  The sprit of a town, inspired by churches must be aroused and put into action.

Sadly, the only defiance we see today is from the Lawless.  Sodomites and baby-butcherers defy the laws of the land and are bolstered by corrupt judicial edicts.   

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