Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Corona Meditation

9 April, 2020

The AIDS plague was sodomy-specific; the Corona plague is a general judgment for a nation which continues to tolerate sodomy and abortion. 

Such is the interpretation I offer.  I do not claim to prophesy; I proclaim a reasonable Biblical assessment.

The Almighty is active in history; He responds to the actions of people and nations.  We have been a nation of innocent bloodshed for almost five decades.  It is Biblically reasonable to suspect that Corona is a divine commentary, at the least, upon our Godlessness.  We continue down that path of indifference to Him and His Law.  We think that sex is simply physical – a matter of “biology” and “reproduction.”  Nothing sacred.  Nothing holy.  Nothing ordained by a Creator.

We have despised His Word which tells us that human beings are “created in His image” – distinct from all other creatures (not animals, “creatures’ – created by GOD, not evolved by timeless, material processes!

We have been butchering His little ones for nigh on five decades! 

He is not happy with us USers.   We are a bunch of hapless, damned Effers.

Stop the sodomy.  Stop abortion. 

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