Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Slavery and Auschwitz Deaths v. Abortion Deaths

25 Feb., 2020

The number of deaths from slavery (based upon man-stealing), originating in Europe and perpetuated in the Americas along with the number of deaths of Jews under the Nazi dominion pales absolutely to the number of deaths by abortion in America alone (42 million deaths in 2019 alone! See https://www.lifenews.com/2019/12/31/abortion-was-the-leading-cause-of-death-worldwide-in-2019-killing-42-million-people/)   But, what is the point, we might think, of bringing it up?  Well, the facts are ignored in favor of pandering to other “more important issues” like equal rights for sodomites or the supplanting of jobs by the advancement of women in the workplace (yielding, apparently without notice by the would-be sages in the public arena, a reduced population and work-force to support  huge welfare expenses – and insurmountable national debt).

Oh the folly of modernity with its cute policies of “equality” and “justice” for all!  (How do such machinations of the decadent modern “equal rights driven” mind issue in anything good?  Sodomy and abortion?  What progress!)

Where is the beef?  What is the goal of all the pursuits of justice through the lens of “equality”?  Just what is the “equality” ethic anyway?  “Equal” in what sense? 

Equally made in the image of God and equally fallen and under His judgment?  Okay.  Equality! 

But as to order and authority, the matter is otherwise.  Children are not equal to parents in the matter of authority in the family.  Neither are teachers and students equal; nor police and criminals.  One arrests and jails the other, not the other way around.

Why this stupid continual comparison of apples to oranges?  Humanity – all races – are equal in their possession of the “image of God” (original righteousness and holiness – i.e. humanity is distinct from all other animals in as much as it is infused with moral standing and the indwelling of a soul.)  But humans are not equal to one another in physical attributes and mental capacity.  All vary from person to person – obviously.   Moreover, in the eyes of each beholder and in accordance with his particular artistic preferences, some are more beautiful or ugly than others.

Human beings, created in the image of God, may not be destroyed at the whim of one over another.  They must be capital violators of the divine Law of God before they may be executed.  No death may be brought about by the whim of another.  Abortion is murder – a capital crime, a “mortal” sin. 

The crimes of Auschwitz pale in comparison to the magnitude of the vastness of  wicked bloodshed committed in our nation by the high crime of abortion.

Nicht wahr?

Yah wohl.  Das ist richtig wahr!

The Germans may rise up, get in our face, and call us out for our hypocrisy.

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