Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Tribute to the Blessings from Our Lord

14 Oct., 2019

The names they tell a story
Of Michael and Jayne Bray
Of the times in life that they
Encountered along the way

The first was Elli unplanned
And soon came another – one Jonas
The man Dove soaring above
Dragging them to a new kind of love

No longer just us partners in mission
A new way was then to be paved
Those children were not just for us
The Maker demanded we trust

Epiphany, indeed was dawning
Children were not just an option
A gift from the maker for His own
Our lives were not ours alone

Prison time provided a pause
A cause was pursued in earnest
And Beseda was welcome indeed
A reward sometimes follows a good deed

Perseverance! Lord, Please!” she pleaded
And He gave double for her trouble
But the answer seemed so hollow
Oh the truth is not easy to follow!

But what a strain on a mother
Those children can be, O my!
“Lord, God, have mercy,” she cried
Another! She thought she’d died.

“O well, we are really stuck now!”
Why bother trying to avoid them
And so the Lord as with laughter
Sent Alethea and Isaac thereafter

“Oh mercy” we cried, ‘specially Jayne
(She bears them, ya know, I just listen)
So Mercy He did give us indeed
And mercy is all that we need.

But that’s not the end, no not yet
There’s a truth we must never forget
Nicea tells us most truly
That creed we hold to most duly

Our God is mighty and holy
Coming down to us fools so lowly
He loved us to death on that cross
Even He our Creator and Boss!

He sweat in that garden Gethsemane
“Father give me another way!”
But I’ll take your will over mine
The final decision is thine.

And we follow that Redeemer
Who fought the fight and bought us
That One on whom we stand, etcetera
Our Hope, our Joy, our Life, our Petra

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