Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Presidential Election Anno 2000

CACN, July, 1996

Presidential Election Anno 2000

Surmisedly, one of God’s purposes in allowing sin to run its course is to manifest the futility and folly of life apart from His Laws. The present American social stage handily serves that purpose. It makes great comical as well as tragic theater. In that 1992 Presidential election we got for ourselves more than two lawyers for the price of one. We got a soothsayer, too. Actually, we are not sure that Hillary talks to the dead. It is not that we disbelieve that she would involve herself in the evil of the occult, but that we have doubts about the word of Bob Woodward.

Now, in the world God has made there are many jobs (vocations); some more comely than others. But somebody has to do the unpleasant jobs. (Thankfully, many of these are not permanent employments.) Someone has to be the trashman. Another has to drive around in one of those septic trucks and suck out all the waste from other people’s tanks. Some of us, for a season, have had to wipe the rear ends of little children. And someone has to be the President.

Our President is a mock from God. Like Ahab, Clinton has “sold himself to do evil in the sight of the Lord.” A putative God-fearing Southern Baptist (ostensibly supporting traditional Christian ethics), he marries an upfront ultra-liberal, a “politics of meaning” leftist, a devotee of socialist Michael Lerner. Like Ahab’s marriage to the Phoenician (Baal-worshiping ) Jezebel, Clinton’s marriage to an apostate Methodist was a clever alliance. He courts the traditional Christians, stroking them with his interviews with leading Evangelical magazines like Christianity Today. But, like Ahab, he favors religious tolerance. He respects Baal along with the Yahweh. All the gods are given honor. Thus the growing numbers on the “left” (sodomites and baby killers) are brought together with stupid “Israelites” (Evangelicals) of the “right” to form a winning ticket.

A look at the polls indicates that America’s nostrils are not yet full. He is a well- deserved scourge inasmuch as the people elected him with their own hands. But unlike the quail meat which the wandering Israelites had quite their fill of after whining about Bush-like manna, Clinton faire is not nutritious, nor have the people had enough of him. One would think that the half-dozen fine books on this excessively adulterous and otherwise corrupt presidency (including the two most recent appearances: Unlimited Access and The Choice), subversion of the military by the admission of overt sodomites topped off with the recent Presidential veto, in which our Ahab upholds partial-birth infanticide, would be enough to diminish his popularity. But the American People must be a baser lot than we first imagined.

It is the way of politicians to flatter the voter. And so sycophant speechmakers stump for support by speaking gloriously of the American People and their noble choice of leaders and legislators. Such paeans fit another age when there was such a People. The continuous flow of innocent blood is evidence which convicts this People to the contrary. This generation is condemned for its abject submission to the bloody decrees of tyrant judges. But this People has no shame.

Joseph Sobran, our unrecognized bard, regularly strikes a perfect chord – forte, for anyone with ears. In a column written a year ago, he says:

“Most of the human race, alas, will go along with anything that is legal. There has never been a tyrant so bloody that he couldn’t find plenty of hired help to administer his program. Most of the people who work for the U.S. government would work for any government. If they had been born into Aztec Mexico or ancient Rome, they would have gone cheerfully to the human sacrifices, or to see Christians thrown to lions.”

It is a rough indictment. Quite a biblical view of natural (Adamic) human nature, actually. It doesn’t brighten our day with hope in the electorate. Rather, it bodes more of the same: people voting to serve their declared “pursuit of happiness” – not justice ad maiorem Dei Gloriam.

Nevertheless, in the world of real politik, as the Germans say, we have to deal with political realities. We have to work with what we have and do what is possible toward the greater good. We don’t have Moses, Elijah, or Jesus on the ticket. And The People wouldn’t vote for them anyway. So we’re stuck with Bob Dole.

But, “Never!” you reply. “I can never vote for a “bort”! That bum voted to fund Planned Barrenhood and to pass FACE by which my friends and I are being persecuted! He abuses us! Clinton treats his sodomites better that Dole treats his prolifers!”

And right noble you would be to so protest. But cooler heads would reply, “Now don’t take Dole’s deeds so personally! Calm down! The Clintonites want to spend $13 billion and the GOP only wants to spend 12. Moreover the judges appointed by Dole won’t be quite as Marxist as will be the ones appointed by Clinton. Dole is the lesser of the two evils.”

Yes, discerning reader, we are being facetious. But we must confess that if we thought it the best strategy, we could find it within ourselves to hold our nose, close our eyes, make a wish, and flip the Dole lever. And we would not feel guilty because in the real world when God inspires a Moses or Elijah or Oliver Cromwell to come onto the scene, he doesn’t generally assume power by democratic vote. On the contrary, the vote doesn’t bring us the best rulers, but it can bring us some of the worst. Hitler, for example. By the vote we can hope for mediocre statecraft at best, especially in this (probably) short period of “multi-culturalism” (read: polytheism). And most urgent in our present plight with the quasi-totalitarian federal government in power is the need to simply shrink it; reduce the potential damage that this Godless potentate can inflict. With the power usurped by the federal government returned to the states, there will be room to work. Each state can develop its more distinctive (even Christian) culture and government.

Pat Buchanan is the best man for these purposes. To be sure he is not as “extremist” as we would like. To our knowledge he hasn’t pronounced, for example, on the type of punishment he would favor for abortionists once their trade is again criminalized. Nor has anyone even bothered to ask him what kind of method of execution he would support for, say, Viet Nam War era traitors like Jane Fonda. And he has not indicated his position on the impeachment and prosecution of those Supreme Court Justices responsible for the heinous Roe decree and whether he would support drawing and quartering as an appropriate punishment for judicial crimes against humanity. These are all examples of issues that did not emerge during the campaign but which are surely important to those who love justice: the real “prolifers.”

It must be admitted that the term “prolife” is a propaganda term. More specifically, we are anti-abortionists; love and mercy drive us to oppose and even to interfere with the murder of innocents. But we must also be advocates of justice. And justice includes the principle of punishment. In the case of murder, the proper punishment is death. And no mainstream prolife groups and none of our prolife politicians are calling for the death penalty for those they aver to be murderers. As Rev. Matt Trewhella so bluntly puts it: “If prolife means anti-capital punishment, I’m not prolife.”

Here! Here! But in this regard, in the full and proper sense of being prolife (pro-mercy and pro-justice), we had no candidates in the primary including Keyes and Buchanan.

Mr. Buchanan is our man, not because he is sufficiently prolife, but because he is properly divisive. Barring thorough national repentance and radical reformation, the road to justice (for some states if not all) will lead through a return to true federalism where religious liberty can be possessed by citizens as a body politic in state governments. The freedom of the people to enact and uphold laws grounded in revealed Truth, Law, and Justice; i.e. the Scriptures must be restored as basis for law and justice. (This is true religious freedom.) Whether by secession (bloody or otherwise) or by simple return to colonial constitutions and the re-establishment of Christian states, the radical reduction of the power of the Godless federal government must be sought.

‘96 is lost. Count it that way and apply yourselves – you who are particularly campaign oriented – to building up Buchanan for the next one. Just think octennially as if there were no election after four years. Look to 2000. Watch the decadent Democratic party implode on its own rotten core. Already, sodomites and animal-rightsers are fighting each other over experimentation on animals for a cure for diseases which the Almighty has sent to sodomites as a reward for their perversion of His good and holy gifts.

Americans still haven’t had their nostrils full of Ahab and Jezebel, unfortunately. But they will. Let them have another Democratic regency. In due time Buchanan won’t look so “extremist” to them, and we will be ready with our pitchforks for Bastille Day.

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