Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Kicking The Ass of Face

August, 2011
The Rule of Christ in the Face of FACE

When a government abandons the Law of God as the foundation for its laws, it reels with confusion until it substitutes another standard. But all replacements will fail because there are none who have the right to be a standard. Not Marx, neither the product of dialectical and materialist social forces, nor Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; no, not even Guru Maharaji or Krishna. No, not even Muhammad and his Koran have the right to rule over humanity.

Christ has the right to rule. He is Lord of all lords, King of all kings. There is none like Him.

Other standards will come and go. The American Republic (which originally recognized the rights of the states to establish their own “religions” (denominations of Christianity) has abandoned its foundations and transformed itself into a centralized and Godless federal government. Having abandoned its theocratic and Christocentric colonial foundations, it will fail just as all constitutional governments which disallow the Law of God as its principal source and foundation for law and justice will fail.

As these governments fail, they will reject the messengers of Truth provided by the Christian faith and the Spirit of God. They will oppress those who uphold the divine standard. A major tool of oppression is the FACE decree (1994) by which the U.S. Congress passed a law which outlawed any action which would “interfere” or “intimidate” or “harass” anyone attempting to enter into abortion businesses. The statute was written with impishly elastic language so that it could be stretched enough to apply to anyone on the street whom abortionists and puppet prosecutors wish to eliminate from active intervention at the killing centers. The fact is that persons who simply importunes “clients” to change their minds has been interpreted as “aggressive” and therefore harassment in a recent case where one Richard Retta was charged with blocking access (which he did not). The federal government prosecutor sought an order to prevent Retta from coming within 20 feet of a D.C. abortuary, while it wants to get $25,000 out of him in “fines” and “damages.”

CACN, Summer, 1994

Kicking The Ass of Face

It is tough to know what to do in response to recent ‘bort defecations which seem to be smothering the activity of anti-abortionists: application of RICO to antiabortion activists (SCHEIDLER); denial of speech against abortion within 36 feet of the abortuary (MADSEN); tort damages against Rescue America awarded to an abortuary in Houston; and, most notably, the excretion of FACE by the ‘borts through their collective anus, the Congress.

To kick or not to kick? The first kick came from the Missionaries in Milwaukee. On 4 June, seven Christians blocked abortuary doors with cars, pipes and concrete. (There were no incendiaries in the missionaries’ pipes or cars.) A small meal for the federal anti-Christ Beast, who is turning his appetite increasingly upon Christians in the American arena.

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