Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


30 May, 2019

What is the case for it for Christians?  Are we not part of a new nation, a new people, the “people of God”?  What have we to do with classic nationalism, carved out by geographical, linguistic, and legacy lines?   Are Christians doctrinally committed only to those holding Christian citizenship, submission to the state as an arm of God benevolent order with no patriotic zeal or affection?

God made extended families along natural lines as a means of procreation and survival.  There is a natural commitment to our descendants and to those functioning under a common government and speaking a common language.  Such commitment serves purposes of survival and protection – the general welfare.  To be sure,  the stronger bond is the religious one which binds people together by “covenant.”  It is a bond stronger than blood or language.

Nevertheless, nations, whatever the nature of the bond, are God’s gift and it is right to give Him thanks for whatever nation in which we hold citizenship.  And for this gift, patriotism and national pride emerge and the proper responses to threats against this gift.  But let thanksgiving prevail over pride.  Let allegiance and devotion exceed militant aggression. 

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