Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


21 May, 2019

Why not?  We tolerate the spread of such propaganda terms as “Islamophobia” and “homophobia”  (I prefer  “fagophobia” if we must describe disdain for and rejection of sodomy in “phobic” terms.)  So why not name those who despise God’s Law as “nomophobiacs”?  

Indeed the Law, Nomos, was given as a gift by God to mankind to guide his behavior and to put him in good standing with Himself.  But man, stupid as shit as he became when he was infected with sin through his rebellion, has rebuffed and despised His good Law, putting his own pleasure above Truth and Goodness and Righteousness.

We who love the Law and embrace its standards are not “homophobiacs.” Hell!  If we fear anything about sodomites and the AIDS or other judgments that attend their rebellious and disgusting ways, it is that we may neglect to warn them of the very personal judgment that they will face from a holy, righteous, and wrathful God who will burn the hell out of them as He forsakes them in the place of  rejection and torment.   And for such dereliction we shall be held accountable.

Indeed, what we fear is God and His Law by which He rules and judges the world.   We fear for our souls and for our bodies in this life.  He is not indifferent to our flagrant violations and even our lesser offenses.

We fear God and His Law.  We honor both and reject those persons and ideologies which contradict His truth.

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