Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

No Joy in the Return of Dems to the House

A reply to a Washington Post article of Nov. 8, 2018

– Original article can be found here:


“Signs of Returning to a Healthy Democracy,” from the left-wing Washington Post was featured in the Wilmington News Journal on 13 November.   It heralds the return of the House to the Dems rattling off complaints about Trump’s efforts to control immigration, repeal the communistic Affordable Care Act and his refusal to sign on to the fanaticism engendered by Democratic fears over “climate change.”  On the latter, to be brief, there has always been changes – trends in weather.  But to effort to subject nations to absurd restrictions on productivity to counter “climate change” – which is not necessarily anthropogenic in the first place – is buffoonery.

As to “egregious giveaways to the rich,” let it be noted that I appreciate “the rich” – of which class I am not a member – because they are generally the providers of jobs and wealth for THE NATION.   Give them a break from the strangulating taxation which suppresses the productivity of  the people.

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