Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“The Evening Hymn of the Greek Christians”

16 June, 2018

So-called by Clement of Alexandria.  It was probably not new to Clement.  “It was probably not confined to the Greeks any more than was the Greek of the Gospels and the Creeds.  Its proper name is ‘The Eventide Hymn’ or ‘The Hymn for the Lighting of the Lamps’ and was doubtless uttered in the family at ‘candlelight,'” as we say a prayer before a meal.

It is thus rendered:

Serene light of the Holy Glory
Of the Father Everlasting,
Jesus Christ:

Having come to the setting of the sun,
And seeing the evening light,
We praise the Father and the Son,
And the Holy Spirit of God.

It behooves to praise You,

At all times with holy songs,
Son of God, who has given life;
Therefore the world glorifies You.

Clement – Evening Hymn of the Greek Christians – 4 June 2016  

Tune by MBray, cir. June 2016, Clement of Rome, “Elucidations,” (Ante-Nicene Fathers, vol. 2, T & T Clark, Eerdmans), p. 298



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