Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Robert De Niro Bashes Trump

14 June, 2018

Get a Grip on Yourself, Robert!  Confess, repent, and breathe easily.

I have enjoyed De Niro in those heavy movies, Godfather and The Deer Hunter.  Don’t know that I have seen any of the many other films in which he has performed.  But the positive impressions I have of him as a person are demolished by his inane rants against Donald Trump.

He was on hand at the Tony Awards which ought to have been a celebration, as National Review commentator Kyle Smith noted, of such productions as The Band’s Visit and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  Or what have you!

But no.  De Niro, like some incontinent teenager who can’t control his libido,  had to ejaculate his hatred for the President as follows:

 “I’m gonna say one thing: F*** Trump. It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump’; it’s ‘F*** Trump.’” The audience exploded in applause.


It is too bad that De Niro can’t control his filthy mouth or maybe can’t contain himself when he is tempted to seize an opportunity to disgorge all the hatred he has for someone who stands against the principles – like “abortion rights” – that De Niro holds so dearly.

A person who aborts his own child and suffers the guilt for that crime sometimes finds himself unable to control his reaction to anyone who represents judgment against such a wicked deed.

The solution for his psychological ailment is, of course, easier to declare than to do: confession and repentance.  But in these is freedom from guilt and anger and the ability to see what is Right and what is Wrong, to discriminate between the two, and to live in peace.


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