Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

LifeSite Fake News

Generally, we appreciate the work of LifeSite News.  They produce reports on citizen efforts to encourage mothers not to slaughter their children and they occasionally report on “activists” such as Monica Migliorino Miller and her “Red Rose Rescues.” (See https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pro-lifers-reject-as-fake-news-report-on-upsurge-of-pro-life-violence-at-us ; Lifesite News, May 15, 2018 ) These refer to public speaking events at which, without an invitation, the troops go out and speak to women who don’t want to listen to them!  Indeed, they even confront women who have determined to terminate their almost-neonates.

Moreover, it is good to know that Ms Miller and her Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (composed of how many hundreds of people?) are out there trying to peacefully (O Lord, got to have that peace!) rescue the innocents from death at the hands of their neighborhood (and if not friendly, certainly) law-abiding abortionist!  Oh, my, yes, we gotta have that peace!  Can’t have nun o’ dat vi’lence!  Got to be p-e-e-e-e-e-aceful.  Lord knows!

But the Lifesite editors get a bit agitated  – yea, even on the defensive – when the pro-aborts (or soft pro-lifers) make accusations about “violence” against those who have properly attempted to defend the innocent by any means necessary.   Indeed, they take the side of the wicked! Yes,  and they condemn those who rescue the innocents by means other than those of the “pure” (i.e. the pacifist).

(My oh my, we must thank God that Monica et al were not commanding our armies when the Japanese attacked and the Germans were slaughtering the Jews.)

Oh, but I suppose that thought might be reckoned too heavy to bear – comparing babies with noble sailors at Pearl Harbor or Jews in Nazi-land.

Yet,  when we do finally see womb-babies on the same level as such soldiers and citizens (all “ex-uteros”), we may come to an understanding.  Indeed, we may come to realize that our Lord weeps for and has the same indignation over the innocents slaughtered in the womb as he does for those who made it out from Lejeune – and got shot.



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