Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Be Positive!”

4 June, 2018

(. . . whatever the hell that means.)

On the front page of my local paper (Wilmington News Journal, March, 15, 2018) is an article titled “Remembering the Victims” featuring local high school students with a sign marked, “WHS for Positivity.”

So, as the popular expression goes, I would ask, “What does that even mean?”  It has the same depth of meaning as, maybe, “Be nice” with about the same ethical clarity.

Why might I make a big deal about it?  Because it points up larger social and ethical problems: “definition deficits” and “Truth denial.”

What is right and what is wrong?  And how do we know one from the other?  And if we don’t know, then how do we know what is “positive” and what is “negative” behavior?

We usually attempt to “clarify” the matter with other equally unclear expressions like “healthy.”  What is “healthy” behavior?  Without a standard for morality one man’s “health” is another’s misery – in the moment.

And don’t just use your imagination.  Imagination without God is an exercise in insanity

Wake up call, once again, to the Big Ten.  And we’re not talkin’ football.



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