Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Time to Kill and the National Enquirer

Thanks to the National Enquirer (August 18, 2017) for advertising a book which ought to have been promoted by educators and self-respecting mavens of cultural progress!  It is progress, indeed, for a people to restrain itself from the base inclination to suicide, loathsome as we human beings are.  But the ravaging of wombs!?  The base slaughter of innocents is quite ignoble to say the least.  Indeed, it is a downright dastardly deed meriting the most vigorous rejection, forswearing, and denunciation.

If the National Enquirer may be thought to be mundane with its regularly featured large-looming and hip personalities of various busty sorts in its coverage of “news,” let a critical eye be turned to the “mainstream” news outlets who think it not important to report on the daily, on-going-for-44-years Holocaust of abortion.  Period.

I may then easily grant the Enquirer respect for at least having the chutzpa to put out some simple truth for the people to wrap their minds around.  Check the screens in those doctor’s offices!  What is in the womb of a pregnant woman?  It ain’t no “blob of tissue”!

It is a BABY, stupid!  Man up and defend him!


National Enquirer Photo

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