Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tyrant (Judge) William Orrick III

. . . and his complicit Ninth Circuit

Back in April of 2017 the leftist federal judge in San Francisco blocked Trump’s executive order.  The President had rightly opted to withhold federal funds from “sanctuary cities” if they failed to comply with the law and specific instructions regarding  immigration regulations.  Orrick said no to Trump’s efforts to secure our borders and protect our citizenry.

Judge Orrick (the Turd) was appointed by the Obamanation.  (Why am I not surprised?) This tyrant just issued another ruling prohibiting Troy Newman’s efforts to publicize, as Troy puts it, “undercover videos that fully expose the horror of the abortion industry’s cash-for-baby-parts scheme.”

Why are aliens permitted the freedom to invade our country while efforts to stop the murder of our citizens are suppressed?   What is with this “judge”?  Is he subversive?  Or just perverse?

Sadly, the appeal of Newman’s case to the fed’s Ninth Circuit in his defense against the National Abortion Federation failed.  The NAF demons were after him to stop the exposure by means of the undercover videos displaying the lies and deceit of the abortionists (blood profiteers) who were filmed doing the “business” of selling baby parts –  the remains from “abortion procedures.”

How do we get good judges into power?  When will the people stop tolerating the Godless decisions of bad judges?  Whose law is Law?

Whom do you obey?  Whom do you disobey?

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