Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Anti-Reproduction-Suppression Syndrome Sufferers

7 April, 2018

The Psychology of Anti-Reproduction-Suppression Syndrome
 And the Case for Eliminating the Cause

I am told – by certain intimates – that the experience of violent action taken against particular reproductive health facilities is one of the most exhilarating to be had.  It may well be that certain passive-aggressive psycho-phenomena may be active in the mind of the rescuer.  (I shall not shun the use of that term as it is that which is assumed and argued for by the subjects under evaluation.)  There is an overwhelming guilt sensation that may be at work in the mind of the victim regarding his perceived complicity – albeit shared – in what has been assessed by “prolifers” to be a veritable “holocaust.”

This experience, like any adrenaline-spiked behavior, is driven by highly elevated emotions as well as mental terror delusion in which the patient imagines himself to be in possession of the responsibility for the survival of at-risk members of his species.  He is driven by this condition to attempt by any means necessary to “save” members of his species.

This psychological “dysfunction” (we must so name it) is born of a delusion with regard to origins.  An ancient myth regarding the origin of the species avers that homo sapiens came not out of the course of the natural evolution of biological life forms but from the power and “mind” of a god who created the world from nothing (ex nihilo) for purposes which are revealed not from nature alone but from “revelation” in writings from “prophets.”  It is further advanced by dogma among Christians that “mankind” was uniquely distinguished from all other life forms by means of a “original righteousness” and “holiness.”  By this same religious dogma, “mankind” is distinguished from all other organisms by his endowment with certain “inalienable rights.”

The “origins” delusion is yet  further complicated by the “dominion syndrome” which is rooted in the widespread myth of the “dominion” of homo sapiens. Accordingly, this doctrine holds that “mankind” is  destined and therefore obliged to “rule” over all other organisms.  This “destiny” has been asserted in human history by advocates to be a right by tribes and nations and is the fundamental cause of aggression and wars.

The recommended means of addressing the ensuing disorders and pathological issues is quite simple.  Education.  The public must be educated and apprised of the reactionary character of these dysfunctional syndromes.  These are not genetic but a psychological dysfunctions.  There must be a national campaign to educate the public regarding the natural rights and duty of a biological progenitor to limit its own reproductive output.  Each by its own survival instincts an organism may elect to reduce or increase its reproductive capacity according to those instincts.

Reproductive restraint by contraception, fetal abortion, and even feticide must be promoted as lawful and vital tools to empower the exercise of the natural course or “will” of each organism.

However, in order for such liberty of choice to be exercised, those who have obstructed the natural biological course of  homo sapiens to regulate and or reduce reproductive output must be restrained so that the natural course or “will of the species” may be realized.

To speak candidly, then, the “prolife” movement must be outlawed as a discriminatory assault upon Natural Rights which are grounded in the biological doctrine self-determinism.

Afterthought: the “will of the people” apart from the will of God can be a nasty thing. Hmm.  Imagine that.  Heil Natural Rights!

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