Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Those Pro-Abort Clintons and the Complicit American Citizenry

5 April, 2018

Just watched again that 20-year-old movie about the Clintons with Travolta and Emma Thompson making Bill and Hillary look good.  Primary Colors (1998) turned out to be a pro-Clinton propaganda piece even while exploiting the interesting decadence of that couple.  It is the way of Hollywood to honor the decadent “personalities” of our time who are deemed to be “serving the people” by expanding “liberty” – those freedoms to thwart the Law of God with unrestrained sexual indulgence and the freedom to destroy the “products of conception.”  Such honor is given to be these heroes –  flawed though they be.

“Flawed,” indeed!  The Clintons are presented summarily as good folks who are just trying to “Make a difference!” as the meaningless saying goes.  The original novel by the same title painted Clinton in more accurate light which manifested his decadence.   In “Bill Clinton’s Grand Seduction” George magazine (March 1998) revealed how Travolta was essentially bribed by Clinton to make Slick Willie look good.

O, but we all have those flaws, eh?

There is a difference between having sin in our lives and walking daily, unrepentantly IN IT!  Those who walk in continuous rejection of the Law are in DARKNESS.  It is a bit more troublesome condition than that of being “flawed.”

Thank God every day that we are not captives to the rule of the Clintons anymore than we need be captive to the reign of sin in our lives.  Contemplate for a moment the character of those people who were in power and whose ongoing rule we escaped by the skin of our civic teeth.   Yes, engage in some mental mastication as you chew upon the Clinton conundrum.  Think of how sleazily Hiterly covered up for her infidel husband just so she could keep them in power with her hopes of eventually ascending to the top and entering that White House again – she the “king” and he the “queen”! Oh the lust for power!  How it quells the wicked heart even from its natural longing for the satisfaction of revenge and the proper rejection of a traitorous partner.  How necessary it was for her to “forgive” him!  Power is a powerful tempter!

Pursuit of power over the people and lofty social status blind the mind from any desire for holiness and righteousness.   And the crooked zeal to remain bound to a repulsive, treacherous miscreant overwhelms the desire to be faithful to the Truth.  A sad condition, indeed.

Like her husband, Bill, Hitlery has a lust for power driving her to do any unlawful thing.  Helping to cover her husband’s decadent behavior is not such a strain. Marital fidelity and the “products of conception” don’t matter;  lives don’t matter!  They are so far back on the priority list; they can be cast off like toilet tissue.   Career advancement for power (in the name of service) is the highest goal.

Think of Fuckin’ Bill!  He just couldn’t keep his pants on while in the company of all those “chicks.”  Just too many pleasurable opportunities to pass up!  Yeah!  Adultery!   And to hell with the babies that are butchered to cover up such pleasures.  It is a handy thing to be “pro-choice” for just such situations!

Yeah, those Clintons faithfully provided support for baby-butchering under the cover of “women’s rights.”  Always great champions of women;  they would, indeed, wring the necks of the innocents for the sake of women.  They were champions of the right to kill to escape the burden of . . . a child.

Anyone who honors these two pieces of shit is full of shit.

They are a disgrace and must be treated as such for the good of those who are watching and learning.   The likes of Harvey Weinstein, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, or  Bill O’Reilly are not to be paraded before us like noble exemplars of character and achievement.   The total picture is one of failure, not success, when such lifestyle “indiscretions” are taken into account.   These are not those who slip up now and again, but those who practice (as in a habit) living lives of deceit and greed and pride and corruption.

These are not citizens too emulate or to be lifted up before the citizenry.  They are a disgrace and ought to be advertized and scorned and shunned as such.

Consider again these two who have been featured so prominently and still respectfully to this day in our public sphere.  The Clintons.  The cover-up Hitlery was and is yet actually a viable candidate offered to the public by the Democratic Party!  This enabler, this conspiring cover-up crony, rather than getting prosecuted for her complicity with her husband’s adulteries and crimes, continues to trot about and flirt with the public as a candidate for the nation’s highest office!

What a degraded People we Americans are!  But how fitting for a nation which has tolerated the “lawful” shedding of innocent blood by abortion for 42 years to be so deluded.  Yes, we Americans, by our Court, do authorize and approve of this holocaust.

But where, oh where, is the Revolutionary Spirit which gave us our birth as a nation?

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