Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Prochoice on the Opioid Issue

27 March, 2018 Anno Domini

You only live once (on this planet)! – as far as we know – so why not live the way you choose?  Why deny someone his choice for opioids?  Why campaign against this sacred right?

Sounds stupid, but it is not irrational.  I don’t understand how a secular society thinks it can impose some “out-dated” morality upon its youth.  If someone wants to “check out” of this planet and go to the next “zone” and see what’s there, who are the parents or friends or government to deny him this freedom?

Freedom of choice!  No imposition of outdated parental values or the values of society upon others!  Each person has the right to life – to live or die and go to the next zone as he chooses!

There is no Law, not God, no authority in these matters above the individual.  Freedom!  To dope or not to dope is a question for each individual to decide.  It is my choice.  My body.  Not God’s!

(Here endeth the pagan argument for the absolute sovereignty of the individual and the “right to abort”  the “products of conception.”)

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