Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Anno Domini 2018 Sinners’ Prayer

May the Lord Damn PP

And May He Open the Eyes of All the Bull Shit Eaters


We have been fed (and been eating) lots of bull shit over the past five decades.  With the advent of population control facilitated by a massive campaign for genocide under the popular propaganda expressions such as “birth control” or the shameless term “reproductive health” or the crass term, “abortion” to describe the killing of child in the womb, the prospect of national bankruptcy and chaos looms large.   (Won’t be any people to pay the national debt, not to mention the maintenance of national progress.)  There will be a shortage of customers for businesses as well as a shortage of tax-payers for social security. (Better open those borders for those immigrants!)  We need to pray!

The Prayer:

We have offended You, the Maker of these children, whose lives we have ignored and forsaken.  We have tolerated a holocaust.  We pray imprecatorily for Your righteous judgment to fall upon this land.  We know by Your Word of Your power and Your punitive intervention in the affairs of mankind.   We ask You to damn Planned Parenthood and all those who conspire with them in secret and in public to slaughter the innocents.  We denounce this publicly funded, tax-supported organization as a demonic assailant of our nation and mankind.

And yet our prayer is also penitent and petitionary.  Now, turning from our sins of omission, may we be given a heart that longs to do right and may benevolence be expressed to those we have been influenced by our sins of omission.   May Your mercy be given to us who have permitted this holocaust to continue as we turn from our inaction to action.


Again, we say, may God make His face to shine upon us and be gracious to us.  May He damn Planned Parenthood and may He empower His repentant people to rise and defend the innocents.

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