Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Christian Left

August 2011
Propaganda Terminology

It is not only the message itself which may be the target of censorship (e.g. proclamation of the doctrine of defensive action and its applicability to the womb child), but it is also the very meaning of use of particular words which is a part of strategy of propagandists. Particular terms or phrases are either avoided or prohibited in order to convey or obscure the message. Following is short excerpt from Capitol Area Christian News.

CACN, Summer, 1994

The “Christian Right”

I understand who these guys are – I think. Isn’t it Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell? They oppose baby killing and sodomy and government propagation of the same. But if the appellation “Christian” is substituted with “religious,” then Christians are made to share the title with every mongrel dog in town: from the KKK to Farrakhan.

Why do we hear nothing about the opposition, the “religious left”? You know, those folks who go to Yale Divinity School and come away worshipping ancient fertility gods or the creation itself – “Gaia.” How about those lesbians who advocate abortion as a rite of female sovereignty over personal reproductivity? Is this the religious left?

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