Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

‘Bort Propaganda Terms and Fr. Pavone

CACN, Spring, 1999

Priests for Life?

Fr. Frank Pavone opens an article in the February issue of Voices for the Unborn (Philadelphia) with: “Priests for Life denounces the incidents of violence that have occurred against abortion providers.”

Our complaint other than obvious one, for which he needs to be tutored by Fr. David Trosch (send that Yankee fool down to Mobile to be taught by the man, or sectional prejudices withstanding, Fr. Pearson in New Jersey), is the use of ‘bort propaganda terms. Who gave borts the title “abortion providers?” (Hint: in a parallel situation, who re-assigned sodomites with the appellation “gay” in the 1970s?).

(As Felisone says, shall we now address our criminals of another sort as “rape providers”? “theft providers”?)

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