Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

February, 2022

Come, Let Us Reason Together

Is. 1:18f. “Come, let us reason together,” says the Lord“I got something for you to hear!Though your sins be as scarletI’m gonna make ’em white as snowTellin’ you, it’s a real good dealBetter than a hot free meal!But you gotta be good all day,Consent to do what I say.You gonna get the best food in […]

The Blood of the Babies on Your Hands

1 Sam. 1:15f. You got the blood of babies on your hands Spreading all over the lands. So when you lift them up in prayer, I must say, “How do you dare?” Those hands are lookin’ real red And all those babies are dead. Have you made yourself clean? With those murderers been mean? “Cease […]

So What Would You Been Doin’?

(Isaiah 1:4) So what you been doin’? Made your life a ruin? (“Offspring of evil doers”!) You’ve abandoned the Lord Like one who’s been bored Of doing that which is good, And so, like a piece of wood You’ll be pitched into the fire Since you lack that desire To live by the truth of […]

Cut a Swath With That Gas?

No need to cut a swath with that gas; None o’ that pride will last. Might be rippin’ real strong Impressin’ the simple in the throng, But in public you know it’s wrong! Try switchin’ up and singin’ a song; More folk will come along. You know you always got a new tune Everybody knows […]

Song of Solomon (8:6)

“Love is strong as deathJealousy as severe as Sheol,” So keep your temper cool And stay on solid soil. “Flashes like the flashes of fire”; Hellish is romantic desire! Control that flame of love; Chill out!  Take a tip from a dove: A little peck here; a little peck there. Then take leave of that […]

Playing the Tax Game

That which is due Caesar And what he thinks is due himself Are not necessarily the same. Got to play, you know, the tax game. Figure this; figure that like a rat Deduct this, deduct that Trying to outdo the tax man, Necessary that you have a good plan: Keep those records, but don’t lose […]

Born in a Bathtub

To the tune of “Davy Crocket” Verse 1 Born in a bathtub on the Twentieth Month of January: twenty-twenty-two They just didn’t know –  what to do That baby’s comin’ with a big howdy-do Refrain: Luka! Lu–u-uka Moore Born in a warm bath tub! v. 2 Bo’n in a bathtub down in Ohio Greatest feat […]


Such is a democracy without divine standards.  A friend sent me the term, recently; first I had ever heard of it – that I can remember.  It certainly has a ring; might be some distant memory: a thought floating around in many-a mind, perhaps. But, indeed, that is the destiny to which democracy descends when […]

Dey Pukin’ Chicken Wings

Dey pukin’ chicken wings an’ chili And dey feelin’ kinda sickie. Don’ want t’ eat no breakfast; In dey bellie got a tempest. Just want t’ get some re-est Don’t want to be a pe-est Hopin’ to get ble-essed So dey can do dey be-est Need dat good health back So as t’ git on […]

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