Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

November, 2021

“Long Live the King!”

(2 Chron. 23:1f. Poetized) Jehoiada said, “Long live the king!” And the captain made a covenant with him. Gathered those Levites from the cities of Judah And arrived at Jerusalem. “Behold, the king’s son shall reign!” (3) Said Jehoiada with a lot of glee. “As the Lord has spoken of the sons of David!” So […]

Fag-friendly, Pro-abort, Pervert Democrats

How is such a party is even legally (not to mention morally) legitimate?  This is a party which stands, by its own official party policy, in support of the slaughter of human babies and of the legalized sodomy. How is it that churches have not disciplined (resulting is excommunication) their stubborn or unrepentant or ignorant […]

Just War?

Free the Rioters. Are we who submit to the pro-holocaust Biden regime any better than those Germans who submitted to the Nazis?   Are dead Jews a greater tragedy than dead babies?  So where is the support for those who have resisted the pro-abort Biden and his murderous Democrat cronies?  Rioting against the installation of a […]

The Catholicity of The Trinitarian Churches

Catholicity Is a Feature of THE Church Universal (and the Churches or Parishes). The Roman church (popularly called the Roman Catholic Church) is not catholic.  Its membership is restricted to those who submit to the rule of the Roman Bishop (a.k.a. the “pope”).   He presides only over all “churches” (“parishes,” rather) which submit to his […]

Purposes for Evil

2 Chron. 18:22 Yes, the Lord has purposes for evil! The world is not out of control; He knows what He’s doing up there! You think He sits around without a care? He said, “You are to entice him and prevail.” (21) Talkin’ ’bout Micaiah and Jehoshaphat. What else can we say about that? Don’t […]

Those Bad Ahabs!

2 Chron. 21-23 Yeah, Elijah wrote Libnah a letter As those prophets had hankerin’ to do. Said, “You’re walkin’ like those kings of Israel Playin’ like a whore once again; (13) What’s the Lord to do but strike you down: (14) Your wives and your goods with calamity! Gonna suffer that sickness “severe” ‘Til it’s […]

My “Dish-sprinkler”

Indeed, if the term didn’t suggest a prejudice against paedobaptism, I would rename, with due derision, my dishwasher – calling it my “dish sprinkler”;  it rarely gets all the dishes clean.  I must always rub off this or that “besmirchment” in the wake of its failure.  Ah, but such are the travails of modern, civilized […]

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