Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

November, 2020

Press on!

Just what are you to doWith the time given you?You hustle and runLike one with a gunAt his head fearing the endTo which only God can sendAny of us when He’s doneWith all our wander-some fun.It is He who reignsAnd made all the rulesDesigned to curb the lust of fools.Leave double-mindedness behind.Get with the grind.Got […]

Each of the Temptations

Each of the Temptations Fell into temptation and None lived happily ever after. Life is more than songs and fun Jokes and money and laughter, Running and reeling, Looking for feeling, Not knowing what to do, No grip on what’s true. At the end of the day There is only one way; Do what is […]

When We Build Our Lives

When we build our lives Around our frail selves They soon become a blight. In our memories past The pleasures and pursuits outlasted By the closing of creditorsUpon us with a fury Paying us back for the hurry We made of our time. What do we owe others Brothers, mothers, and God Himself When all […]

Well, What Did You Do?

“Well, what did you do today?” she asks. Well, its always a thing or two, I say: I think, I write,¬† I meditate, I don’t hesitate or wait. He’s there on the spot to hear And I go right there without fear Of His might and holy power To devour right on the spot. And […]

‘Tis a Taste of Inspiration

‘Tis a taste of inspiration Writing poems in the morning Like a spirit down upon me I write and think after the words Go down on paper without warning. Thoughts come down prompted By His movement in our mindsHow He opens them to the Life, The Truth we heed or die. We need not wonder […]

Dear Sons and Daughters

God hates divorce And so do we! If you want to please Him Or us, do what you can To avoid what He hates, The pain surely unforeseen. Imagine things you can’t imagine, Roads you haven’t traveled With no signs for direction, The tension of life on a road Unmarked by instruction, To be hustling […]


Finally, as if a matter of course Came to our family a divorce, Elli and Brandon divided. This they just decided And told us this very day, The fourteenth of November. Not a date to remember With any fondness or joy, We are made very sad. The joy they might have had Including the One […]

Soul Sick

The fall of a marriage Makes one sad indeed. Two lives, one, undone Hearts suffer; ¬†they bleed. There is no cure for a break In that bond forever made Between the two who make The pledge to ever love one another. ‘Tis no small vow but easily made And consequences go unweighed When love is […]

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