Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Clean Up the D.C. Swamp

Got to clean up the D.C. swamp
Got a man who can do it named Trump
Gonna throw out the liberals
Hear their whining and snivels?
Done gone crazy without the power
And oh my but times are dower!
No more are they the boss
Seats of power at a loss
But the Law must be followed
The God who gave it hallowed
Put the bums out on the street
“Go to work! Earn your meat!”
No more baby-killing bucks
Bring on dynamite in trucks
Send the butchers all to hell
(Jesus loves repentant sinners very well)
Preach Commandments to the masses
ANTIFA? Kick their asses.

0830 on 7 Nov., 2020

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