Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

When We Build Our Lives

When we build our lives
Around our frail selves
They soon become a blight.
In our memories past
The pleasures and pursuits outlasted
By the closing of creditors
Upon us with a fury
Paying us back for the hurry
We made of our time.
What do we owe others
Brothers, mothers, and God Himself
When all we do is through
And time to give answers arrives?
What will we say for our lives?
What answer will we give?
For what did we live?
There is no one other,
No sister of brother,
Worthy of honor and praise,
Service all of our days
Look up!  Raise your head!
Follow Him who rose
From the dead.

11:15, 15 Nov., 2020
(Third poem of the day.  Must be perturbed/inspired by certain events)

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