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Prochoice on the Opioid Issue

27 March, 2018 Anno Domini You only live once (on this planet)! – as far as we know – so why not live the way you choose?  Why deny someone his choice for opioids?  Why campaign against this sacred right? Sounds stupid, but it is not irrational.  I don’t understand how a secular society thinks […]

Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Horse Pucky

14 December, 2017 As we move into the Advent season in the Year of Our Lord 2017, I am distracted, once again, by sundry insolent messages: Kwanzaa!  Hanukkah!  (Or some other squawking counter-Christmas disturbances.) I react with such apparent impertinence to what may seem to be innocuous, wholesome, human, cultural events.  But why? I must […]

In Defense of Another: The Paul Hill Brief (posted Oct., 2017)

The brief attached at the link below, written by Michael Hirsh in 1995, was published by the Regent University Law Review. It provides the legal argument for the termination of an abortionist by one who is acting in defense of the innocents who are threatened by the actions of said abortionist. Hirsh brief

No Taxation without Cessation

. . . of Baby Murder 2 June, 2017 How does a legitimate government tolerate the murder of innocents? How does a legitimate government take tax money and pay for the murder of innocent without resistance from the citizens? Why do you continue to honor and support such authority? These are the questions that need […]

There is Not Enough Hate in the World

21 October, 2016 “Love, love, love” crooned those Beatles back in the 60s.  And so it is, in the “Land of the Free” lovers.  It is all about “love,” especially sex.  We tolerate it pouring into our homes through a little box that we turn on.  We see all kinds of “love.”  And then we […]

ETS Paper 1993

CoverBrochure p1ETS1993 p2ETS1993 p3ETS1993 p4ETS1993 p5ETS1993 p6ETS1993 p7ETS1993 p8ETS1993 p9ETS1993 p10ETS1993 p11ETS1993 p12ETS1993 The above was submitted to the Evangelical Theological Society in 1993.  I also submitted an essay in 1990, “The Ethics of Operation Rescue” and read it at one of the elective “break out meetings” the annual meeting, held that year in New Orleans.  […]

Women in the Military

Reformation Lutheran Church Anno Domini 2001 Position Statement: Women in the Military Statement The recent trend in our society to put women in combat roles in the name of equal rights is more of the same buffoonery that brought us child slaughter under the same principle. There is no benefit for the national defense in […]

The Tenth Amendment

Reformation Lutheran Church Anno Domini 2001 Position Statement: The Tenth Amendment Statement Article Ten of the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States very succinctly says: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” […]

States’ Right to Execute Abortionists

Reformation Lutheran Church Anno Domini 2001 States’ Right to Execute Abortionists Statement: Whereas: The ongoing slaughter of innocent womb children by both surgical and chemical means is the product of an opinion written by an ephemeral judicial tribunal; opinions of the Supreme Court are not law and ought not be respected as edicts from a […]

Sodomites and Civil Rights

Reformation Lutheran Church Anno Domini 2001 Position Paper: Sodomites and Civil Rights Statement: We are defining sodomy as sexual relations between persons of the same sex. Such action is an abomination for individuals (Rom. 1; Lev. 18:22,23; 1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Thes. 4:3). This action is not to be regarded as a matter of privacy, […]

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