Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

Kick Oregon Out of the Union!

The state is a disgrace!  In the name of freedom of speech they tolerate demonic anarchy!  Yeah!  And all proceeding from a cowering toleration of rioting punks who claim to be honoring a derelict chump named George Floyd!  The state leaders are wholly inept! Incompetent! Disloyal!  Failures!  Kick them out and let the rest of […]

Science, Worship, and Mask Mandates

What happened to “The Assembly” where the Sacrament is dispersed among the people of God and life is conveyed to the followers of Christ (the redeemed, the elect, the holy ones)?  Is there real life conveyed in that gathering where the Body and the Blood are shared among the redeemed?  Or is the Sacrament just […]

The Disobedience of Depopulation

Depopulation –  like other things – happens.   The circumstances may be good or bad.  There are wars and diseases and personal reproductive restraints which are in play in the control of population or – we may say – the actual depopulation of the earth’s premier creature.  The duty of humans, that one “species” created uniquely […]

Nationalism and Abortion Intolerance

Nationalism, like family, is a principle, and a good, worth promoting and defending.  Both are blessings from God.  He ordained these social organizations.  And, yes, they change as people relocate or die.  The boundaries of nations also change from time to time. And so do the boundaries of families when new associations are formed in […]

Muslim or Jew?

Muslim or Jew? O come to the Truth! Wake up!  He died for you! The God of heaven came down, Gave up His precious crown For a minute to descend And save us from a fiery end. You don’t need to fret With those who bet On the notion of evolution, The Godless got no […]

Biden and the Communion Table

So reports Life News: “Majority of Catholic Republicans Say Biden Should Not Receive Communion Because He’s Pro-Abortion” Well, “No shit!” I might say.  What has taken “the majority” so long to figure that out?  How about some basic Bible reading?  Simple sound doctrine?  Might some elementary church discipline be applied in the case of “Joe […]

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