Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Position Papers

Those “Differences of Opinion”

‘Twas a time when a slaveholder was viewed by abolitionists as just another fellow citizen with contrary political beliefs.   He was entitled to his opinion (for a season),  though it was one which eventually could not be tolerated.  Some opinions are not to be tolerated when they are carried out into the public arena.   Slavery […]

The Southern Man Need Not Cow

No, those Yankees weren’t more sensitive to human rights and the personhood of black people than were folks of the South.  Northerners were greedy to gain a better economic advantage over their Southern competitors who could do business cheaper by means of slave labor! Yankees wanted to balance out the business playing field and deprive […]

That “Choice” Thing

“Slavery” – a Southern man’s “choice” “Anti-Semitism” – A Hitlerian German’s “choice” “White Supremacy” – an evolutionary, naturalist racist’s “choice” “Abortion”  – any “liberated” woman’s “choice” “Same-sex Relationship” – old-fashioned sodomy all churched-up as a “choice” or “orientation” Truth and Justice – the choice of the Biblical/historic Christian 15 April, 2023

The Same Power That RAISED Jesus From the Dead!

Oh, That Grammar! (Those otherwise lovely and lively Christian songs that are undermined by bad grammar!) “The same power that” raised – not “rose” – “Jesus from the dead”!  Oh, the song goads me on with my Grammar Police calling. Please!   Get that bad grammar straightened out!  A whole generation of Christian kids have had […]

Good Moral Economics

The termination of an abortionist (by a random citizen) serves not only the defensive duty of all (and anyone) to protect innocent people from harm (viz., those babies he was plotting to kill), but it also serves the justice principle of bringing due punishment upon a transgressor;  a murderer is punished justly for his capital […]

Don’t Do It!

Don’t disrespect the Father by denying His Son’s divine standing. Don’t disrespect the Son by declaring that the Father was forever alone. Don’t disrespect the Spirit by declaring Him to be a force without personhood. Confess the One, True, Triune God as have the churches of God down through the ages! 10 April, 2023

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