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Fathers’ Rights

Slaying Abortion’s Goliath (7 January, 1997)

Posted 27 June, 2017 in remembrance of Paul Hill 20 years after his execution. The essay by Paul Hill (7 January, 1997), “Slaying Abortion’s Goliath”  is transcribed with abridgments below.  Here is my introduction: On 29 July, 1994, Paul Hill terminated Abortionist John Britton, 69, and his collaborator, one James H. Barrett, a 74-year-old retired Air […]

Fathers’ Rights Society

Lead article published in CACN, Spring, 1997 Gentle readers, we ask your pardon for the great chasm of time which has separated us from our last communication (we utterly failed to produce a winter issue).   But we have been busy with many good deeds, not the least of which is growing the population. The month […]

The Restoration of Fatherhood

6 March 2006 The Restoration of Fatherhood (Or Some Fresh Ideas for Promise Keepers) INTRODUCTION AND DEDICATION Ensconced in this small Christian town in southwestern Ohio, we have been enjoying a change in pace. Our annual March for Life, advertised on the courthouse lawn, drew about 50 people; absolutely no opposition. Shifting my efforts over […]

Focus on the Family

Michael Bray 8 September, 2003 The execution of our brother, Paul Hill on the third of September was not met with silence from the heavens.  There was a response in the atmosphere.  The gathered, dark clouds in the minutes before the execution were featured in the pictures of several newspapers the following day.   On the […]

A Tale of Two Victims in Chicago 4/29/2005

It was reported in the Chicago Sun-Times (April 27) that Thomas Perry knew the pregnant 28-year-old woman he shot.  She was five month pregnant, but the two bullets directed at the woman’s baby  killed neither her nor her womb child.  The anonymous mom and her child were rescued by her husband who wrestled the gun […]

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