Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

‘Tis Okay They Say

‘Tis okay they say
To train up a child
In the way that he should go,
So when it’s time to kill a Nazi
Sho nuff, he up and does so.
But it’s not okay
To train the same child
To get up off his mild
Ways and take out a baby killer
When that would be such a thriller?
Got to make some sense of the matter
Of Law and Justice; it’s not just chatter!
Truth was given, revealed by prophets;
Came clear and clean like water from faucets
To nourish and strengthen the soul,
The weak and helpless to console.
Expect great things from those you rear
To follow Truth and not to fear.
The call is God’s for each to do
Anything He calls them to.
The souls of God’s elect are sure
And in His care they stay secure.
(And this note is just apologetic
Not intended to be prophetic.)

26 June, 2021 at 0728

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