Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Jihadists and Anti-abortionists? Hmmm.

Michael Bray
12 October 2001

Jihadists and Anti-abortionsts? Hmmm.

Until now the federal government has spent more money investigating what NOW, Planned Parenthood, and other left-wing abortophilic allies call “terrorism” than it has on any other national threat – be it feminists, Islamists, Democrats, communists, or AIDS-infested pederasts. I am speaking, of course, about anti-abortion “conspiracies” to disrupt and destroy abortion facilities including the maiming or killing of abortionists and their accomplices. The Abortion President sicced Janet Waco Reno upon countless anti-abortionists with her Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy (VAAPCON) task force in 1995. While compiling an egregiously comprehensive data base of names, including the likes of Falwell and Robertson, Reno summoned hundreds of tax-paying, childslaughter-hating, patriotic Americans from all parts of the country to several grand juries to squeeze out the evidence necessary to find a “conspiracy.” The star chambers yielded nothing but the disdain from sober Americans who despise all that Planned Parenthood and NOW stand for.

Over and over, whenever an abortuary was destroyed, an abortionist terminated, or even a harassing phone made, the rallying cry of the pro-abortion crowd was “Terrorism!”

Do we know what terrorism is now? Or do we need a new word for those who murdered 6,000 in a heartbeat last month? A half-dozen guilty abortionists have been terminated in the three decades since the holocaust began; a thousand times that many innocent born people were slaughtered in one day.

Even the present zeal to extirpate the continuing threat of authentic Muslim terrorism against de-Christianized America pales in comparison to that which drove the quest to stamp out Christian, anti-abortion, rescue efforts.

Consider the role of the members of the press who regularly put a microphone in the face of pastors and anti-abortionists living in the vicinity of a newly demolished abortuary. Without exception, the questions posed to these local leaders proceeded along the line of: “Do you condone this type of violence?” or “Do you approve of these tactics?” And almost every quoted response from the indignant and embarrassed leaders was essentially: “We condemn these tactics! They are not consistent with the pro-life philosophy!”

Surely, these leaders knew their message was ambiguous if not utterly compromised: they were denying the right of the innocent child to be defended by force. They betrayed the truth in deference to the pressure of public opinion and the reputation of the movement. But that is another story.

At hand is the issue of the present threat to us born folks. We, who escaped terror and death by abortion in our mother’s womb, are getting a turn. And Muslim terrorists are inspired by the praise and encouragement they get from the grand hero of millions of Muslims ─ bin Laden. And surely they are also emboldened as well by the fact that they are not condemned by the local imam. But how many Muslim clerics in America have had a microphone put in their faces followed by simple questions: “Do you condemn the actions of bin Laden?” or “Will you help to apprehend the perpetrators?” or “Do you support military action against anti-American terrorists in Muslim countries?”

I think it was radio show host Dr. Laura who said the other day that she hadn’t heard of one imam who has publicly condemned this action and called for the prosecution and execution of the Muslim perpetrators.

Something is wrong with this picture; but then, I could show you a few other ugly pictures that you don’t want to see.

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