Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The “Killing Season” Revisited

Michael Bray
The “Killing Season” Revisited
23 June, 2012

“’Killing Season’ Targets Eastern Abortion Doctors” was the title of a KNIGHT RIDDER NEWS SERVICE report (October 10, 1999).

The report our of Buffalo said, “In the quick-darkening days and chill nights of autumn in Western New York, doctors who provide abortions strap on guns, avoid windows, and brace for snipers.”

Abortionist attorney Lucinda Finley says, “This is the killing season. It’s extra-tense here in fall.” She adds, that this is when abortionists think, “Oh, my God, who’ll be next?”

Amen. Abortionist, according to Knight Ridder, have been “victimized” by “violence” in the northeast United States and Canada in ”four of the last five autumns.”

There must have been some relief when anti-abortion action man James Kopp (aka Atomic Dog) was indicted in June of 1999 in connection with termination of Abortionist Barnett Slepian. Kopp (not Sleppian) had been placed on the feds’ Ten Most Wanted in consolation of abortionists around the land that the shooters (not the baby butchers) were regarded by said-feds as the bad guys.

Alas, said agent Paul Moskal according to Knight Ridder, “Kopp has not been definitively tied to the other shootings.”

Janet Waco Reno comforted the abortion community by forming a task force on “abortion-related violence,” by which to create “a database” in order to hunt down any Christians who might be taking their love of the innocents to an extreme..

The good news, as Knight Ridder puts it, is that “the Slepian killing and the other shootings have fostered a winnowing among” abortionists and their accomplices so that “a self-segregation of those who can live on edge and in fear, and those who cannot.”

Indeed! “There’s a growing mantra,” according to Slepian attorney Glenn Murray, “that you must abandon your support of abortion, or die.”

And we are happy to report a final word of good news brought to you by Knight Ridder from “one anti-abortion extremist” whose words “suggested Murray is right.”

The report concluded as follows:

“Violence against abortion providers is defensible,” said Michael Bray, a Maryland minister who was convicted in 1984 of conspiracy in 10 anti-abortion bombings. “The one who shot Slepian is the defender of the innocent, a hero rather than a scoundrel. The true murderer in this case was Slepian.”

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