Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Justifiable Homicide News

Michael Bray
Capitol Area Christian News
Spring, 1997

Justifiable Homicide News

It is good to recall contemporary applications of the principle of justifiable homicide which seems to become a foggy notion in the minds of those who refuse to hear its application to a certain contemporary situation. We refer, of course, to the case of the person who defends the disenfranchised child residing in the womb of his mothers

FBI agent Ron Campbell was cleared twice of murder charges last after he shot Glen Thomas in defense of himself and a Philadelphia policeman. But under the whip of the NAACP, the pliant Janet Waco Reno has further debased the Justice Department by bowing to race-bating black activists who can’t tolerate a white officer shooting a black criminal.

In Los Angeles a golf club-wielding homeowner slew a burglar whom he found “ransacking his home in the south Crescent Heights neighborhood. Preliminary judgment: “justifiable homicide” (Washington Times, 12 April)

Of course, it is not justified to kill someone for stealing. And maybe the homeowner was a selfish paranoid, propertied, rich SOB. But the homeowner, who was a real person, had reason to suspect that his life was in danger. He was innocent; the thief, and aggressor, forfeited his right to life when he threatened the innocent.

A killing, indeed; no murder.

Julie Marie Meade, a 16-year-old in Prince George’s County, Maryland, called 911 and threatened to kill herself with a gun. Police arrived with their guns. She came out of the apartment and pointed her gun at officers who filled her torso with bullets.

Bystanders wondered why they didn’t shoot her in the leg or arm. Oh well, five officers were placed on administrative leave (Washington Times, 21 Nov).

Justifiable homicide. Pure and simple.

How much more justified is the killing of a man who hires himself out to kill innocent children.

Ah, but we need abortion to accommodate our fornicatory hedonism.

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