Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Stumping for Miers 10/21/2005

Many of us who have placed some hope in the federal government to right itself and reverse the abominable Roe decision of nigh on 33 years ago have received the news of the Miers nomination with displeasure.

I am not so bothered.  Firstly, I do not expect an anti-Christ federal government to rule with justice.  Secondly, I believed from the first announcement of Harriet Miers that this evangelical who had some record of anti-abortion proclivities was a shrewd choice and that her scant resume gave liberal senators an excuse to vote for her.  One has to be surreptitious in today’s political – rather, juridical – world where all important matters of our governance are brokered by an oligarchy of judges who invent their own laws and invoke the holy Constitution to validate their decretals.

How absurd that various “prolife groups” in CYA strategy immunize themselves against future criticism of their organizations should Miers break bad, Souter style.  By preemptively disavowing Miss Miers they apparently seek to maintain their purity before their supporters.   The resultant outcry against Miers surely induced President Bush to release evidence of her anti-abortion convictions and this information now disables the “moderate” Democrats from availing themselves of the “ignorance excuse” that they might have pleaded while voting for her.

The mad pursuit of the right candidate to get appointed so that he can stop a holocaust is surreal.  How did these oligarchs come to the place where they not only rule in areas where they have no Constitutional authority, but to where they can abolish laws of all the states in fundamental matters of capital punishment, marriage, sexual perversion, and the murder of innocents?

We Americans, for almost a century now, have lost our freedom as a self-governing people.

It is past time to focus on recovering our freedom by revitalizing local autonomy and resisting the tyranny of the imperial and anti-Christ federal government.

Let is be clear about our terms.  The Apostle John in his first epistle speaks of any person (or institution if we can assign personal characteristics to government as “a king”) who denies that Jesus is God in the flesh as “anti-Christ.”   Our federal government, in claiming to be “neutral” regarding religion, does not acknowledge Christ as God and the ruler of the earth, so it is anti-Christ.  Simple.  There is no neutrality; there is no third way.

It is one thing to suffer under the authority of anti-Christ; it is another preach and advocate for Christ’s rule in the earth as we seek for the Kingdom to continue to come, as Christ bade us to pray and anticipate.  To do nothing in this regard is to defer to anti-Christ.

The early Christians testified that Jesus (rather than Caesar) was Lord (ruler of all).  For this obstinate testimony, they were martyred.  Their persistence led eventually to the triumph of Christ as his followers were tolerated by the Edict of Milan in 314 A.D. and then exalted as the decaying Roman state found a new basis for its ruling power through the conversion of Constantine and the recognition of Christ as the Lord of the Holy Roman Empire.

This same issue is at the heart of our national “culture war.”  But the great error of Christians (such believe in the rule of Christ in all areas of life) is that they think only of the goal of restraining a renegade federal government. We are not a monolithic empire, but a federation of states with its counties which, themselves, have a duty to uphold righteousness and to honor Christ.  They, also, are ordained by God and their charge is the same as that given by God to the federal government and any government on earth, viz. to punish evil doers and commend those who do right.  (“Right” and “Wrong,” of course, are defined by God’s word.).  Our duty as Christian citizens is to address our local authorities with their duty of to resist, as necessary, the federal or state authority which obstructs them from carrying out their own divine mandates as rulers ordained by God.  A mayor or a governor is obliged to establish justice.  If the federal government is in his way, he is obliged to resist him.  This doctrine of the “lesser magistrate” hearkens all the way back to Tertullian of the early third century and  is reiterated by the Protestant Reformers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as political turmoil  followed the reinvigoration of Christian countries with the proclamation of the Word of God.

Considering the decadent condition of the federal government in general and the juridical realm in particular, it seems bizarre to talk about experience and competence of any appointee against the backdrop of a Court consisting of immoral, holocaust propagators like Ginsburg, Souter, and Kennedy.  One is reminded of Luther’s response to the pre-Reformation Roman Church with all its pilgrimages, indulgences, and self flagellation when asked about the wisdom of putting the Bible into the hands of ignorant peasants.  He replied that a peasant who reads the Bible is more knowledgeable about the things of God (like justice) than any pope who pays no attention to the Bible.

So it is here.  How strange that we should listen to someone like talk-show host and former Supreme Court clerk Laura Ingraham when she says:  “How can you expect a general-practice lawyer like her to go head to head with a Stephen Breyer?”  Or what sense does a chameleon consultant like Dick Morris make when he responds to those concerned about her “conservative credentials”: “That is not my worry. I’m happy that she may not be a knee-jerk right-winger. My worry is that she is just not competent enough to serve on the court”?  (And Bork was overwhelmingly competent and what did that get us?)

To these irrelevant criticisms we simply say that any high school drop out who knows right from wrong and believes in God and the Constitution as written has more competence than any Ivy League-schooled judge who perverts and twists the Constitution to make it say what he wants it to say. Give us anyone faithful to the Constitution over a dictator who puts himself above it.

The fact that the states of our United States have tolerated the usurpations of the federal government is in itself an indictment.  We, as citizens of our own smaller governments, have submitted to the lawless decrees of an imperial government.  And we need to focus our energies on recovering self-government at first the county and then the state levels.   Reform will have to come from the bottom up.

Cast your support behind Miers as you would in speaking a word of encouragement to the kind fellow who has his finger in the dyke as you walk by him.  Maybe the dyke will hold and be repaired, but in the great likelihood that there are not enough workers, go to the dry land of your smaller municipalities and preach the Kingdom there and the duty of every magistrate to submit to Christ.

And before you bang on President Bush for failing to do enough about abortion and sodomy, ask yourself what you have done to establish justice for the sodomites and baby killers in your own county.  Their hands are not tied.  All authorities are under God and answerable to Him. They need to be called to account.   They must uphold just laws and resist unjust authorities; it is their civil duty.

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