Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Anthrax, the Much Lesser Evil than Abortion

6 November, 2001


Anthrax, the Much Lesser Evil than Abortion

The inclusion of anti-abortion activists among those listed as Domestic Terrorists is more of the same obscenity: the slaughter of innocents and the abuse of their defenders.

No one likes all the hassle and expense that these anthrax assaults afford. They disrupt not only abortuaries across the country but our peaceful American lives. But people who profess the truth – abortion is murder – cannot find it possible to condemn such a tactic which interrupts the slaughter of innocents and saves many lives. When the killing centers close and a mother misses her appointment with the abortionist, statistics show that 20 % will not reschedule to have the child butchered.

We therefore cannot condemn the use of anthrax or the threat of the same against practitioners of child slaughter. To do otherwise would be to reject the truth of the child’s humanity and imago Dei.

We condemn the recent anti-terrorism law signed on 26 October by President Bush because included in the definition of domestic terrorism is the use of “violence” against abortuaries and abortionists. As Eleanor Smeal and her Feminist Majority noted: “The law defines ‘domestic terrorism’ as acts that are dangerous to human life, are in violation of federal or state criminal laws, and appear to be intended to ‘intimidate or coerce a civilian population; [or] to influence the policy of the government by intimidation….’ The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) used this definition prior to President Bush’s signing of the law and used it to declare anti-abortion extremist and fugitive Clayton Waagner a “domestic terrorist.”

As we have observed the Clayton Waagner case unfold over the past year, we note that he has performed no actual anti-abortion harm, but has only made threats against baby killers (a.k.a. “abortionists”) and their accomplices (a.k.a. “nurses” or “secretaries’).

The law also labels certain crimes, including the bombing of abortuary as “Federal Terrorism Offenses” (FTOs).

The federal government has denied redress to those who have engaged in public protests – marching and picketing. It has shut down speech outside abortuaries by the use of FACE, driving people from the streets where they would importune and persuade mothers to spare their children. It has supplied special protection for abortuaries, even deploying U.S. Marshals to protect the facilities of child slaughter. It has aided and abetted the abortionist himself with protection and encouragement (as if he were a diplomat from communist China) so that he cannot easily be reconnoitered and terminated.

The government has made the Anthrax option inevitable by guarding the baby-killing process. The whole nation suffers from the Judgment which much surely be coming.

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