Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

How to Engineer the Production of Poetry

How does one engineer the production of poetry?
Some prayer and contemplation,
Music and some meditation.
What do you say and to whom?
You have always an audience in the Lord;
(Unlike your friends, He never gets bored.)
You pray, and then there is something to say.
It may be about friends, travels or moods,
Politics, heretics, clowns, or fools.
Rarely does it concern nature and beauty
Or the view you took at a passing cutie.
Thoughts come in a flood to our holy spirits
Created in the very image of God with depth
That cannot be measured by the mind,
An eternal spirit perceived better by the blind.
We come and we go, each one on a path,
Hoping for truth and to escape His wrath.
And that truth has come to a multitude
Who by the Word fix their attitude
And focus upon our Savior and God
Who took for us the wrath from His rod.

1333 on 16 August, 2022

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