Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Greater Cause for Civil War Now

Greater cause for a civil war now
With abortion clinic crimes
Than there was for the War
Between the states in former times.
Blood flowin’ down the drains of “clinics”!
“Families of size are the work of cynics”
“Fools want to flood the population!”
“Surplus people! Got to kill ’em!”
“Got to force some sterilization!”
So down to the pit goes such a nation.
Best round up the Army of God;
A stick or two makes a mighty fine rod.
But may the Lord send a spirit of repentance,
Shutting down those faucets of blood,
As He drives them to that Confession
That God damns the baby-killin’ profession.
And may send some folks from the ‘hood
And do like a soldier to the enemy should:
Cut off the heads of those baby butchers;
Chop off those arms and those legs
Blasphemers and society’s dregs.

A.m. on 4 Dec., 2021

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