Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Solomon Built That Temple

(1K. 6:38f.) at 0800 on 16 Sept., 2021

Solomon built that temple
The eleventh year in the month of Bul
Had two doors of cypress wood
The finest home in the neighborhood.
It took seven years to build that place
Don’t know if you’d call it a disgrace
But his own house took him thirteen. (7:1)
He loved his own better it seems
Made a house for the Pharaoh’s daughter
The very one that he took for a wife (v.8)
(Guess they must have had some strife.)
The foundation was made of costly stones (10)
Yeah, they too were finely honed. (11)
Then he brought Hiram over from Tyre
The son of a widow from Naphtali. (14)
He could shape that bronze might fine,
Made two pillars high in the sky.
Talkin’ eighteen cubits – and ’tain’t no lie! (15)
Then the capitals were five cubits more!
Oh my!  It was a mighty fine door!  (6:38-7:15)

(1 Kings 6:38-7:15)

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